Product Safety

At Kids Preferred, LLC. Product Safety is our #1 Priority!

We take it very seriously and stand behind every single product we make.

Our goal is to provide you with the safest and highest quality toys to support and educate your children while making their journey through childhood happier and more stimulating! 

This goal can only be achieved through very high-quality standards that not only meet, but exceed the standards set forth by the United States Government as well as international agencies.

We know simply setting high standards is not enough. It requires in-depth focus and continual monitoring. The Kids Preferred quality process begins at the first stages of design and continues through final packing and beyond. The following are just a few of the steps:

  • Every product concept is reviewed and analyzed by our safety professionals to eliminate physical hazards from the start.  
  • Only the highest quality and most innovative materials are sourced and tested for durability. 
  • Pre-production and final production samples are tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission authorized laboratory to ensure all products meet or exceed domestic and international standards. 
  • A highly qualified team of inspectors perform thorough inspections on the production line all the way through finishing and packing.  
  • In addition to scheduled inspections, Kids Preferred employees and independent auditors carry out frequent and unannounced inspections at all our manufacturing facilities. 

​The final and incredibly important component of a well-rounded Quality System is you! We love to hear all your ideas and feedback so keep them coming!

Maintaining this strict Quality Control System is our commitment to you. Your child's safety is as important to us as if they were our own.



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