Product Safety

At Kids Preferred, LLC. Product Safety is our #1 Priority. We stand behind every product we make and take product safety very seriously.

Our Product Safety and Quality Assurance systems are based on a comprehensive and stringent review process at every stage of product development. All of our products are reviewed from the design stage to production completion and shipment to our valued retailers and consumers.

We require that our products not only meet our own stringent internal standards, but also all products are tested to the highest applicable domestic and international standards including but not limited to ASTM F963-08, EN71, CPSIA H.R.4040 and the Canadian Hazardous Products standard. The enactment of H.R.4040-the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act in August 2008 created confusion throughout the industry from manufacturers and importers to retailers. We are doing everything possible to keep all of our staff informed of the latest regulations and working diligently to supply our retailers with the necessary documents and certifications.


The CPSIA has set new limits of 0.01% total content of 6 different Phthalates commonly used as plastic softeners and several states are working on legislation banning the use of BPA. It has been our policy for many years to use only the highest quality Phthalate and BPA Free plastics in the production of all our products.

Lead Content

The CPSIA has lowered the allowable limit for lead in surface coatings to 90ppm and created a new limit for total lead content in substrate materials to 300ppm (to be lowered to 100ppm August 2011).

We have scanned each and every one of our products using XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) technology to assure all of our production is well below the newly set and future limits. In addition to testing each item under the CPSIA we have required all of our suppliers to meet the 100ppm limit well ahead of the mandatory compliance date.

Certificates of Compliance

The CPSIA requires us to supply our customers with Certificates of Compliance for all items produced before November 12, 2008. As new production is received in our warehouse we will have all required certificates available for distribution at the retailer’s request.

We have set up a request system through which Certificates of Compliance will be distributed via email.

The Certificate of Compliance Request Form can be downloaded here. Please complete the form and email it to or fax it to (732)274-2250. All requests will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Please note, due to the CPSC’s “Stay of Enforcement” voted into action late on January 30, 2009, Certifications may not include the new CPSIA limits on lead and phthalates. We assure you that all products produced comply with the new CPSIA standards.

For questions or more information please call 1-866- soft toy (763-8869) or email us at

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